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Who are ASERA?

ASERA are the statutory organisations (Relevant Authorities) around the Severn Estuary that came together to collectively manage human activities within the Severn Estuary European Marine Site.

Good Practice Guidelines

Good Practice Guidelines have been produced by ASERA to act as a voluntary management action supported by the Management Scheme to help reduce disturbance to our most valuable habitats and species. The purpose of these guidelines is to encourage the sustainable use of the estuary and its coastline, providing an enhanced and safer environment for recreational users and visitors to enjoy. Individuals and clubs are encouraged to respect, support and promote these guidelines.

ASERA Website

This site provides information on the role ASERA plays in protecting the Severn Estuary European Marine Site, why the Severn Estuary is so special and the reasons for its many national and international designations.

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Welcome to the Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities' (ASERA) website!