Recreation Studies

Severn Estuary Recreation Studies

© Clevedon Sailing Club

© Clevedon Sailing Club

The Severn Estuary European Marine Site (EMS) was designated with many activities already taking place. The aim of the Management Scheme is to ensure that these activities are undertaken in a manner that does not threaten the nature conservation interest of the site.

In order to make a judgement on whether these activities are likely to have significant effect on the conservation features of the designated sites, the activities themselves need to be understood. ASERA has recently completed a Recreational Boating study, which provides information on the distribution and intensity of boating in the Severn Estuary. Click here to find out more.

ASERA is also working towards developing summary reports on:

  • Land & beach-based recreation
  • Bait Digging
  • Angling

Once finalised, there reports will be publicly available on the ASERA website.  Please contact if you would like more information on the studies or have information you would like to contribute.

As part of these studies, ASERA will also be producing “Good Practice Guidelines” for recreational Estuary users to avoid & minimise potential environmental risk, particularly in sensitive areas e.g. key bird roost sites. It will also include information on the importance of designated species and habitats. If you are interested in being involved with the development of these guidelines, please get in touch.

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